In order to realize our vision of future-proof cities, we need to have sustainable societies. Sustainability is therefore a natural, integral part of Vasakronan’s organization and business. This applies to the board, management and our everyday activities.

In order to achieve our vision of future-proof cities, with buildings where both individuals and companies can thrive, we must contribute to a sustainable development of society – financially, environmentally and socially. Together with our employees, tenants and other stakeholders, we strive to ensure that our cities will be good societies over time.

Our mandate from the company’s owners is to generate a high, risk-balanced, long-term return from property investments in Sweden. At the same time, we must run our business both ethically and with consideration for the environment. This is why our sustainability efforts are strategically critical to meeting the target return.

Sustainability work consists of financial and environmental efforts, along with social responsibility. All of these efforts are based on the ten principals outlined in the UN Global Compact, internal policies/guidelines and Vasakronan’s Code of Conduct for suppliers. The work is goal-oriented and long-term. It also requires commitment from all employees in the organization.

We discourage all forms of corruption and all of Vasakronan’s employees and suppliers are expected to comply with existing laws. Our Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring that there is correct behavior throughout the company and its business. Vasakronan’s General Counsel Sheila Florell has been assigned this role. She is the person that any employee or outsider may turn to if they suspect that rules or policies are not being followed.

In November 2013 Vasakronan was proud to be the first company in the world to issue green bonds. For further information please see Vasakronan Green Bond Framework, Cicero Second Opinion and Bondholders report.

A summary of Vasakronan’s sustainability data 2017 is available in our Annual Report 2017.

If you would like to learn more about Vasakronan’s sustainability work, you are welcome to contact our Head of CSR, Anna Denell.

Vasakronan and GDPR

On May 25 2018, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law in the member countries of the EU. The Regulation entails a large number of changes for those who process personal data and strengthened rights for the individual in terms of personal integrity. To find information about Vasakronan’s processing of personal data, please click here.