• Ulrika Francke

    Ulrika Francke (1956), Chairman Elected Chairman in 2018.

    Other board positions: Swedbank, Hexagon, SIS Swedish Standards Institute and IVA Division III
    Previous experience: Various management positions at Tyréns AB, SBC Sveriges Bostadsrättscentrum AB, Stockholms stad and Fastighets AB Brommastaden.


  • Jan-Olof Backman

    Jan-Olof Backman (1961), Own business M.Sc. in civil engineering. Elected in 2011.

    Other board positions: Microsystemation, Logens and 24Storage.
    Previous experience: SvP Coor Service Management, Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, CEO at Byggnads AB O. Tjärnberg.

  • Ann-Sofi Danielsson

    Ann-Sofi Danielsson (1959), CFO and Head of IR på Bonava Graduate in Economics. Elected in 2017.

    Other board positions: Pandox and Bulten.
    Previous experience: CFO of NCC. Board member of RNB Retail and Brands.

  • Niklas Ekvall

    Niklas Ekvall (1963), CEO Fourth National Pension Fund Ph.D. Financial Economics and M.Sc Industrial Engineering. Elected in 2016.

    Other board positions: Hans Dahlborgs Stiftelse för Bank- och Finansforskning and NIM.
    Previous experience: CEO Nordea Investment Management, Vice President Third National Pension Fund, various management positions at Nordea, Carnegie and Handelsbanken.

  • Eva Halvarsson

    Eva Halvarsson (1962), CEO Second National Pension Fund Graduate in Economics. Elected in 2006.

    Other Board positions: University of Göteborg, UN-PRI and Finanskompetenscentrum.
    Previous experience: Auditor and manager State governance.

  • Kerstin Hessius

    Kerstin Hessius (1958), CEO Third National Pension Fund Graduate in Economics. Elected in 2004.

    Other board positions: Hemsö, Trenum, Handelsbanken, SVEDAB and Öresundskonsortiet.
    Previous experience: CEO Stockholm Stock Exchange, Deputy Governor of Swedish Central Bank, Chairman of the Board Finansmarknadsrådet and various positions in Östgöta Enskilda Bank and Alfred Berg.

  • Christel Kinning

    Christel Kinning (1962), Board assignments and own business Economics and marketing. Elected in 2014.

    Other board positions: Stadium, Reima, Zoundindustries, Venue Retailgroup, Björn Borg and Hope.
    Previous experience: CEO Polarn O. Pyret, CEO RNB Retail and Brands and various management positions at Kellermann Scandinavia.

  • Rolf Lydahl

    Rolf Lydahl (1945), Own business Graduate in Economics. Elected in 2007.

    Other board positions: Atlasmuren.
    Previous experience: CEO at finance company Probo, Vice President Nordstiernan, various management positions in Retriva, representative Credit Suisse in Sweden.

  • Fredrik Wirdenius

    Fredrik Wirdenius (1961), President Vasakronan Civil engineer. Elected 2008.

    Previous experience: Various management positions at Skanska.
    Other assignments: Board member of Scandic Hotels and RICS Sweden

  • Johan Magnusson

    Johan Magnusson (1959), CEO First National Pension Fund Graduate in Economics. Elected in 2008.

    Other board positions: Willhem.
    Previous experience: Manager Global Head of Investment Management, SEB Wealth Management, SEB Private Banking and ABB Investment Management.

  • Ronald Bäckrud

    Ronald Bäckrud (1958), Senior Vice President, Stockholm Region Civil engineer. Employed 1995.

    Previous experience:  J&W, Vattenbyggnadsbyrån, Skandia and Arne Johnson Förvaltning.
    Other assignments: Board member of Byggherrarna.

  • Sheila Florell

    Sheila Florell (1965), Senior Vice President, General Counsel Law degree. Employed 2005.

    Previous experience: If Skadeförsäkring and Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents.
    Other assignments: Board member of SSM Holding.

  • Jan-Erik Hellman

    Jan-Erik Hellman (1975), Senior Vice President, Uppsala Region Civil engineer. Employed 2010.

    Previous experience: JLL, ICA Fastigheter

  • Christer Nerlich

    Christer Nerlich (1961), Senior Vice President, CFO Graduate in Economics. Employed 1995.

    Previous experience: Newsec and FastighetsRenting.
    Other assignments: Board member of Akademiska Hus.

  • Anna Nyberg

    Anna Nyberg (1973), Senior Vice President, Property development, Stockholm Civil engineer. Employed 2007.

    Previous experience:  Hufvudstaden, Ericsson, Dalkia and Stadshypotek

  • Kristina Pettersson Post

    Kristina Pettersson Post (1964), Senior Vice President, Gothenburg Region Civil engineer. Employed 1993.

    Previous experience: Byggnadsstyrelsen.
    Other assignments: Board member of Nordstans Samfällighet and CMB Chalmers.

  • Johanna Skogestig

    Johanna Skogestig (1974), Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Civil engineer, Employed 2015

    Previous experience: AP Fastigheter, Sveafastigheter and Areim
    Other assignments: Board member of Corem Property Group and Fastighets AB Regio.

  • Anna Stenkil

    Anna Stenkil (1968), Senior Vice President, Öresund Region Graduate studies in Economics. Employed 2011.

    Previous experience: Proffice, Newsec, Wihlborgs.
    Other assignments: Board member of Fastighetsägarna and Ideon AB.

  • Cecilia Söderström

    Cecilia Söderström (1962), Senior Vice President, Human Resources Graduate studies in personnel and labor market. Employed 2008.

    Previous experience: Svenska Spel and Ericsson.
    Other assignments: Board member of Almega Fastighetsarbetsgivarna.

  • Per Thiberg

    Per Thiberg (1959), Senior Vice President, Business development Civil engineer. Employed 2002.

    Previous experience: JM and Newsec.

  • Nicklas Walldan

    Nicklas Walldan (1971), Senior Vice President, Technology, Services and Development Civil engineer. Employed 2001.

    Previous experience: Tyréns.
    Other assignments: Board member of Svensk Byggtjänst and Samhällsbyggnadslänken vid KTH.

  • Peter Östman

    Peter Östman (1961), Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Graduate in economics. Employed 1998.

    Previous experience: Storstaden.