Vasakronan is the leading property company in Sweden. Our strategy is to focus on Sweden’s major growth regions: Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund.

We own and manage 180 properties with a total area of approx. 2,400,000 m2 (June 30, 2018). Many of the properties are situated in clusters and offer supplementary services to the tenants. The portfolio is valued at SEK 134 billion. The organization has operations in four regions – Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg and Öresund. The number of employees is approximately 350.

Vasakronan’s assignment is to generate a high, risk-weighted return for our owners, the First, Second, Third and Fourth Swedish National Pension Funds, though never at the expense of the environment and people. A return that will benefit Sweden’s current and future pensioners.

To accomplish our assignment, we must create value in the business. This is achieved through
good property management and development, and supplemented by active transactions.

Our strategy builds on our having attractive properties, being a good landlord and having dedicated employees.

We take responsibility for the people who are affected by our business. We do so by applying fair work conditions and creating good work and urban environments. It goes without saying that we also say no to any form of discrimination.

Environment and climate work are highly prioritized. Vasakronan is a carbon neutral company and is ISO 14001 certified. We were also Sweden’s first property company to offer green leases and green offices and in November 2013 Vasakronan issued the world’s first green corporate bond. For further information, see Sustainability.

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